The other day, a surprise visitor dropped by Regina Keller’s backyard in Virginia — a large black bear.

What drew him to the spot isn’t exactly clear. But there’s no doubt as to the reason he decided to stay.

Keller, it turns out, has a kiddie pool in her yard. And that day the pool was filled with cool, refreshing water — an alluring place to escape on a hot, summer afternoon.

Was the bear expecting to find it? Probably not. Was he happy that he did? Most certainly.

As Keller and her boyfriend looked on, the bear waded into the kiddie pool and made himself comfortable.

Here’s that moment on video:

Bear Claims Kiddie Pool As His Own

Though the pool wasn’t designed for bears, Keller had no problem with him claiming it as his own. In fact, she’s glad he did.

After all, everyone deserves a chance to cool off — even bears.

“[We] were sitting in lawn chairs, watching him get into the pool and couldn’t believe that he relaxed and took a nap,” Keller wrote. “It must’ve felt so good to him!”

Bear Cools Off